Arc of Lotus is a Caster Type Lost Magic that revolves on the manipulation of blade shards that glow pink to ressemble cherry blossoms.

Arc of Lotus
Arc of Lotus

Lost Magic (Caster)


Rūje Lotis Avium




The Arc of Lotus is a powerful ancient magic passed down in the Avium Bloodline. It has the ability to create physical shards from the ethernano particles in the air, manifesting them into blade shards that number in the millions. They reflect light and glow a pink color that resemble cherry blossom petals flowing in the wind. The blades form together to create giant cloud like figures that can tear a target apart with ease.

They can also be used for defensive purpouses, able to tear apart the magic power within an attack, disabling any threat the magic poses. Even those defensive tactics can be used as an offence, able to overpower most magics with ease, tearing apart each individual magic particle within the magic.

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