Wald Ware is a Large Retail Magic Shop in Era.

Wald Ware
Ward Ware



Wald Ware is a famous magic shop that sells powerful magic, expensivley to the many passing Wizards that go toward the Clover Train Line. A Wizard who gets stamped here will recieve a Shop Certificate every 700 EXP.

Magic List
Free Run
Free Run- 250 Jewel
Smoke Magic
Smoke Magic - 275 Jewel
Guitar Magic
Guitar Magic - 275 Jewel
Writing Magic 2
Writing Magic - 300 Jewel
Snow Magic
Snow Magic - 300 Jewel
Sand Magic
Sand Magic - 300 Jewel
Plant Magic
Plant Magic v.Holder - 320 Jewel
Picture Magic
Picture Magic - 350 Jewel

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