Fear Soldiers are the minion's used by Achluophobia and are controlled and created through Dark Magic .

Fear Soldiers
Fear Soldier

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fear Soldiers always appear in dark tinted brown armor with a pale chainmail. Their helmets onnly show their eyes which appear to be red.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Fear Soldiers are fearless, emotionless and powerful warriors who will decimate their opponents if it costs them their existence.

  • Enhanced Strength: They have high physical strength, able to pick up tree's and crush boulders with ease. This allows them to overpower their enemy without problem.
  • Enhanced Durability: Because they are not actual people they are resistant to damage and if stabed or cut they won't yeild or slow down.


  • Magic Resistant Armor: A dark armor they wear that is magic resistant aswell as highly durable.
  • Mace: All soldiers carry around heavy maces with long shafts and spikes heads.

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