Giyo Lethal is a citizen of Amegan. He is a master mechanical engineer as the creator of Golems.

Giyo Lethal

Physical AppearanceEdit

Giyo is a tall middle aged man with lighty tanned skin and a fairly muscular build. He has brown hair that spikes up to a certain defree and lazy brown eyes. Giyo has various piercings including his ears and nose and wears a matching silver necklace. Giyo is shown wearing a normal engineer uniform with fairyly large gloves that cover nearly all of his arm, blue slacks and a white button up shirt.


Giyo is a mysterious man who upfront is very friendly and looking to help. He is well respected and famous for being the creator of the Golems and is reffered as the selfless savior of Amegan. This sometimes goes to Giyo's head as he talks about himself very highly yet he doesn't accept any roles of leadership instead lving a humbled life of your adverage engineer.

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