GoF -  Episode 7: Earthland's Counterattack is the seventh episode of Guilds of Fiore. 

Earthlands Counterattack
Tsukas yelling
Arc Edolas Arc
Episode # 7
Last Episode Reason for War
Next Episode Curtain Call
Airdate 5/5/13
Starring Des as Shinn, Tsukas, Izadore and Jellal

Ana as Aelin Tat as Zen Ezio as Santa

Opening Theme Linked Horizen
Closing Theme Trust Me


Tsukas arrives at the Palace's front gates but is stopped by Santa who announces his full betrayl and motives for stopping Tsukas. The two battle as Tsukas tries to force his way past Santa. Tsukas is able to defeat Santa but is unable to finish him off thanks to interference from Shinn, Aelin and Zen Salvor. 

Tsukas battles it out with the four of them until they realise he can't be easily defeated. One on one he's nearly unbeatable but if they come at him in formation, he wouldn't be able to control them all with the use of his Edolas Weapon. Izadore comes to the aid of the four and traps them inside his realm in order make sure Tsukas can't get away. This only lasts a short while as Izadore is impaled through the chest by his sword that was meant for Aelin. 

This triggered an all out attack that finnaly resulted in Shinn impaling Tsukas through the chest with his Raikiri. After admitting defeat, Tsukas lets out a cry, a signal for a man to reveal himself. That man being none other then Jellal the Eighth. 


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