Golems are mechanical beings built and operated in Amegan, The Mechanical City.

Additional Information
Primary Ability


Located In Amegan


As a golem is a relatively simple artificial construct, it has neither a soul nor a personality to claim as its own. It is instead bound to the whims of its creator and the programming installed by them which it obeys immediately with both an unwavering and unquestioning loyality. Most usable golems have no programming within them which allows it to destroy things.

The golem itself has been crafted into a simplistic humanoid form, with a large rounded head featuring two holes for eyes and a single prominent row of large teeth. It stands much taller than the average person and has a light gray complexion, repsenting the dried earth that composes a major portion of its original consruction material.


Amegan, The Mechanical City outcasted magic after their Wizards destroyed most of the city and failed to protect it from an invasion of undercity Lizardmen. Afterwards Amegan needed a way to rebuild its city and it eventually established itself to become all mechanical, this is where mechanics decided to make Mechanical beings to do most of the labor in rebuilding the city. Golems are now used to simple construction and even means of transportation.

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