This page contains policy's that all Users of this Wiki are to abide by. Guilds of Fiore Generally Follows Community_Guidelines. Besides those these are some of the basic and advanced Guildelines.

User PolicyEdit

  • Jump Right In: Don't be afraid to join please just hit the button and go, but not after you've viewed our rules and regulations .
  • Be Nice, open minded and assume good faith: Be a dedicated and creativley polite user.
  • If you need help ask!: Please ask one of the admins posted in the Magic Council.

Crediting PolicyEdit

This wiki contains several atricles, pictures and templates that have been based off ones from the actual Fairy Tail Wiki. This is in no way meant to be stealing but a way to allow our users to experience the official Fairy Tail Wiki. The templates have been borrowed so that the characters, areas & guilds created can match the official Fairy Tail Wiki but are to be marked with the Credit Template.

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