Harken is an infamous weapons thief who is recently undergoing several illegal missions on the Clover Town Railway.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Nothing of Harken's true features are known, as his actual body shape is concealed by something that resembles a large diving suit that even has an attached respirator. The suit itself is mainly orange and makes him appear obese, however, both the black arms and legs are much more slender. The large extension from the top of his mask ends in a large fish hook, that attaches to the top of the suit, resulting in it being pulled up.


Harken is a very serious and comedic man who has been shown to be very incompetant and can even be reffered to as an idiot.


Fishing Rod Launcher: Harken carries around a large cannon with a hook at its tip. It can be used as a blunt weapon or fire the hook connected by a very long cable.


Cable Magic: Allows the user to control cables such as wire, string, and rope. Harken uses this to control the hook that is fired out of the line in the launcher.

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