Izadore is a member of the Xtreme Organization in Edolas. 







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Physical AppearanceEdit

Izadore is a young boy with green eyes and spiky, blonde hair with bangs that are usually covering his left eye. He wears dark-colored clothes, which includes a black cap, a black coat, white gloves, dark-colored pants, and dark-colored boots.


Izadore is normally a very quiet individual will little no emotions shown through body language or his speech. When he does talk or interact with others he has a lot to say regarding important topics and will correct anything anyone says if its false or incorrect.

He is very complex and intelligent to the point where he belives that no body takes him seriously because of his young age and small body. He believes with his own magic that he'll be able to become strong and recognizable and that "time will finally catch up with him".


Izadore first appeared along with Tsukas while recruiting the Earthlanders; Shinn Elbion and Santa. Once Xtreme began there assault on the city, Izadore was supposed to act as the opperator but because Santa abandoned his position, Izadore moved to capture Aelin Ne'Rid of Earthland in order to steal her magic container. 

Izadore fought with Aelin after trapping her inside his Realm, eventually Aelin was able to convince Izadore that he would never be strong because of magic, he would have to wait with time. Izadore broke down from the experience and dissappeared. 

Izadore reappeared as an influence within's Aelin's mind, revealing he had been touched by her words and then he inspired her to break out of Shinn's illusion. Izadore returned to the palace in order to help fend off Tsukas' assault. He aided the Earthlanders in battle by trapping them inside the Digital Realm, but Tsukas was nearly able to kill Ana. In order to stop her death, Izadore lunged infront of the blade and was stabbed through the chest. Before passing out he told Aelin that he would be accepted now as a hero rather then a selfish boy. 

Izadore would later wake up in order to stop the Anima from engulfing Edolas, Izadore sacrificed himself by using the rest of his strength to trap the Anima in order to make sure that only the earthlanders and Iltair were absorbed by it. 


Digital Raiders 2

Izadire's Digital Raider gear

Digital Raiders: Izadore' Magic Weapon is two white gauntlets on his arms, and headphone with two pointy extensions protruding from them, and also has similar armor covering his shins and feet. This enables Izadore to use magic similar to Archive, creating digital objects for offense, defense and communication for recon. This also enables him to create other worldly objects and beings out of data, aswell as create his own "World" where "Invaders Must Die". 

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