Lupix Prison is a giant prison on the side of Mount Hakobe used to imprison Fiore's worst criminals. It is kept on the leeward side of the mountain where the sun rarley shines and the snow matches the sky so it has the appearance that it is never snowing.

Lupix Prison

On Hakobe Island


Lupix Prison is located on the leeward side of Mt. Hokobe where it is a harsh climate meant to punish the inmates while having an intimidating glow as it appears to never be snowing when it always is. The prison itself is shaped like a giant menacing castle with several thousand cells on its interior.


Lupix prison is an inaous detention facility known for holding Fiore's most dangerous criminals. It is enchanted with runes to nuetralize all magic of the inmates.The prison has thousands of prisoners that die off due to the harsh conditions of Mt. Hokobe and souls wonder the dark castle and darken the purple sky and infect the snow. Lupix Prison is known to have an intimidating dark presense holding millions of dark wills.


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