Magic Arrow: Shunaidā or Soul Slitter is a Magic Item used by Shun Gaze.

Magic Arrow: Shunaidā

Edolas Item


Shun Gaze


The? Shunaidā is a powerful Edolas Item that utilizes "Lacrinano" particles in the air. Lacrinano are Magic Particles that are collected into natural deposites across Edolas which grow into Lacrima crystals. Before they are collected, they float around naturally in the air, the Shunaidā is able to collect these particles into its blade.

The Shunaidā is a thin, silver-colored weapon that, when activated, sports a glowing blue blade. This blue blade is created from the Lacrinano particles and condensed into a particle blade that acts much like a chainsaw with the appearance of a sword. Despite its appearance, magic particles make 3 million round trips per second around the edge of the spirit particle blade.

The Lacrinano vibrations of the Shunaidā are not for cutting. Through its vibrations, the Shunaidā loosens the bonds between the magic particles of whatever it cuts, in order to make them easier to capture. Shunaidā is not a sword it is an arrow.

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