Magic Force is a magical martial art that allows the user to manipulate their magic energy and transform it into a shockwave.

Magic Force
Magic Force





This is a vary rare magical martial art that allows the user to give their magic energy a physical state and normally surrounds their hands, this is a very compressed physical energy that amplifies the users strength depending on how much magic energy was channeled. This is normally used in hand to hand combat where the user drives the magical energy into the opponent with a physical strike and sends a shockwave through their body.

As the magic energy is released it decompresses and phases out into a wave of energy that ricochets throughout the victims body causing major direct and internal damage. It is far more effective then a normal strike because the shockwave is unavoidable and unblockable once it makes contact with any part of the vicims body. Even the slightest tap can cause severe damage as it doesn't matter how strong the force of the attack was aslong as enough magic energy was compressed.

The only known weakness of Magic Force is known as the magic wall, the magic wall applies to all magical arts as Magic Energy needs conduction. The magic energy must flow through an object or person in order to keeping from disprusing back into eternano and becoming useless to user, even for the most powerful wizards they are only able to conduct their magic energy through solid objects such as an opponent or the ground. Due to the Magic Wall Magic Force can only be used in such a manner at close range making conduction the only liability, even so their are a select fiew Wizards who have surpassed the Magic Wall and are able to conduct their energy through loose elements such the air and water.


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