Fairy Sale is the former building of the Legendary Guild Fairy Tail but now serves as Magnolia's main Magic Retail Shop.

Fairy Sale
Fairy Sale

Magnolia Town


It is a small tavern in the northeast section of Magnolia town which happens to be the most forested. It is deep within the center of the forest and is fairly popular due to its former glory as Fairy Tail's home base. It is now used as a famous magic retail shop.


Fairy Sale sells Magic Lessons on several different types of Magic. A Wizard who gets stamped here will recieve a Shop Certificate every 350 EXP.

Shoping List
Perfume Magic
Perfume Magic - 100 Jewel
Chain Magic
Chain Magic - 125 Jewel
Hair Magic
Hair Magic - 140 Jewel
Speed Magic
Speed Magic - 145 Jewel
Rope Magic
Cable Magic- 175 Jewel
Bullet Magic
Bullet Magic - 175 Jewel
Egg Magic
Egg Magic - 180 Jewel
Ring Magic
Ring Magic - 200 Jewel

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