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This is the weapon shop where you can buy weapons to fit your needs by spending jewels. If you wish to buy a weapon leave a comment at the bottom of the page. An employee will mail you the weapon (meaning they will add it to your character's weapon section). The shop is not open yet because it is still in construction.

Owner/Head of ShopEdit


  • None

Weapon StockEdit

Weapon Info Weapon Image Price
Twin Sol Guns: Twin Sol Guns is are a pair of guns that have a blade that can absorbs solar energy under the muzzle (the end of the gun from which the projectile is shot). This makes the gun able to shoot sunlight energy if the user has gun magic. When the blades absorb solar energy it glowsm gets hot, and can burn the opponent if it touches them. The gun carries many bullets and shoots very quickly. 6a5d7f96fb18b0 full 95 Jewels

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