Armed Combat is a style of Melee Combat through the use of Weaponry.

Melee Combat

Fighting Style



Armed CombatEdit

Armed combat, as the name itself suggests, revolves around the usage of weapons, which users employ against their opponents at close range. A variety of melee tools is commonly utilized throughout Fiore with swords being the most common along with other weapons being daggers, spears, axes, whips, scythes, staffs and hammers.

Due to swords being the most popular weapons, Swordsmanship is a known discipline, with swordsmen found throughout the Kingdom possessing various levels of mastery. Most forms of swordplay, similar to most forms of unarmed combat, aren't properly classified as specific fighting styles.

Master Weapons SpecialistEdit

Masters of such an art possess impressive accuracy, strength and collection of weapons and being capable of weilding them consecutivley while being able to fight several opponents at once. Many master swordsmen who are also employ Requip Magic.

Master Weapon Specialists

Expert Weapons SpecialistEdit

Expert of weaponry posess good knowledge of weaponry and are able to use them well enough to hold their own against several opponents.

Expert Weapon Specialists

Master Swordsmanship SpecialistsEdit

Masters of such an art possess exemplery swordplay showing great skill, accuracy, speed and strength with a sword. Masters are able to easily take on several opponents at once and hit the smallest and fastest moving targets. They are more then able to weild more then one sword at a time with ease and able to cut down anything with their blade.

Expert Swordsmanship SpecialistsEdit

Experts of such art possess impressive swordplay, demonstrating great speed, accuracy and power while being able to take on several opponents at a time. Many expert swordsmen who are also Wizards actively employ Sword Magic.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialists

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