Hand to Hand Combat is an unarmed form of Melee Combat.

Melee Combat
Melee Combat

Fighting Style



Hand to Hand CombatEdit

Users of Hand to Hand Combat engage into melee confrontations employing unarmed moves. A variety of such moves has been shown, with the most recurring ones being different types of punches, kicks, headbutts, elbows, knee's,palm and finger strikes. he way such form of combat is harnessed varies from user to user: some are shown to employ an aggressive, direct attack style relying on mighty blows while others prefer performing more fluent and acrobatic motions to strike opponents. Magic Force has been shown to enhance the abilities of Hand to Hand Combat by quickly subduing the enemy with direct blows which causes major surface and internal damage.

Master Hand to Hand CombatantsEdit

Masters of unarmed combat possess the greatest prowess of all, being capable of easily taking on several opponents at once with ease. Some of them are known to employ hand-to-hand combat as the main element of their fighting style, an can overwhelm foes even if they are armed or larger than the users themselves.

Expert Hand to Hand CombatantsEdit

Expert unarmed combatatants possess remarkable prowess in the use of such art, being able to use it to great extent, and to take on more than one opponent at the same time.

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