Melee Combat is a main form of combat adopted by many Wizards and Warriors.

Melee Combat
Melee Combat

Fighting Style




Melee combat is a fighting style which, as the name itself suggests, revolves around close-range confrontation, with users assaulting opponents physically. Widespread around Fiore, this form of combat can be employed by normal people, warriors and Wizards alike. Wizards are sometimes stereotyped as lacking the ability to fight at close range due to their time being devolved to study Magic, but in reality some Wizards are in fact shown to be fearsome melee fighters, even specializing in such form of combat.

Magic itself can be a valuable asset when engaging foes in close quarters, with many forms of Magic being focused around melee combat.

  • Elemental Caster Type Magic provides its users with many melee techniques that utilizes the user's respective element such as lightning and fire magic.
  • Titan enlarges the users' body, making their strikes stronger and granting them a larger striking range.
  • Ice-Make can be employed to craft melee weapons or freeze opponents at close range.
  • Requip allows its users to store away and equip at will weapons and armors for battle.
  • Take Over can transform the users' bodies into that of creatures fit for melee combat.
  • Muscle Magic can enhance the size and strength of the user's muscles, making themselves more suited for close-range confrontations.
  • Magic Force provides the user with Magic Power that can be used at close range to damage their opponents with direct blows.

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