Guilds of Fiore Music consists of Opening and Ending Songs aswell as any other musical themes used during the Anime/RP.

# Title Artist Season
1 Linked Horizen Guren no Hana 1
# Title Artist Season
1 Trust Me Matsushita Yuya 1
# Title Type Season
1 Fairy Tail Main Theme Main Theme 1
2 Released Power Battle Theme 1
3 Need to Be Strong Battle Theme 2
4 Xing Symphony Battle Theme 2
5 Strong and Strike Battle Theme 2
6 Blind Animal Battle Theme 2
7 Kokuten Shinn Theme 2
8 Bios Kiva Theme 2
9 Stand up be Strong Battle Theme 2
10 Kurama Release Dramatic Theme 2
12 Emergence Of Talents Dramatic Theme 2
13 3
14 Hyouhaku + Kokuten Shinn Theme 2

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