New Lepus is a city below Mount Hakobe.

New Lepus
New Lepus


New Lepus is located northern from Magnolia Town in Northeast Fiore and lays beneath Mount Hakobe on it's east side. It is a very large city with a very cold climate but can be very sunny during the day but becomes a ghost town at night as the sky becomes an evil purple. It is connected to Magnolia town through a series of built up areas by a railway line. New Lepus is a heavily populated town with several Wizards and normal citizens. It is infamous for its courthouse where some of the most dangerous criminals in Fiore are put on trail and sent west and up into Mt. Hakobe where they are sent to Lupix prison. Due to this New Lepus is said to be cursed at night as the souls of those who have perished at Lupix arrive at night to haunt its population.

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