Wolf Mane is the only magic shop in New Lepus, although there are a few tents of minor magical items from Wolf Mane scattered across the city.


The building itself is 'medium-sized', bigger than Fairy Sale but not by that much. It's a bit of an old building, with some cobwebs here and there. The shop has sort of a dark ambiance. It is located near the heart of the city.

However, as mentioned before, there are a few (up to three, perhaps) small tents scattered around here and there, selling things such as Chain Magic.

Although it is New Lepus' only magic shop, it is not usually visited often.


Wolf Mane sells various sorts of magic. A wizard who shops here will recieve a stamp every 280 EXP.

Shoping List
Chain Magic
Chain Magic - 115 Jewel
Requip Magic
Requip Magic - 125 Jewel
Binding Magic
Binding Magic - 145 Jewel
Bullet Magic
Bullet Magic - 200 Jewel
Mirror Magic
Mirror Magic - 225 Jewel
Card Magic
Card Magic - 250 Jewel
Smoke Magic
Smoke Magic - 350 Jewel
Doll Magic Wood
Doll Magic - 400 Jewel

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