Oaken Lord is the former building of the Phantom Lord Guild but now serves as Oak Town's main Magic Retail Shop.

Oaken Lord
Oaken Lord

Oak Town


Oaken Lord is a tall castle-like building that is completley filled with mechandise and registers. It is centered in Oak Town as one of the tallest and most famous buildings.


Oaken Lord sells Magic Lessons on several different types of Magic. A Wizard who gets stamped here will recieve a Shop Certificate every 400 EXP.

Shoping List


Binding Magic
Binding Magic - 120 Jewel
Hair Magic
Hair Magic - 140 Jewel
Telepathy - 150 Jewel
Rope Magic
Cable Magic- 175 Jewel
Mirror Magic
Mirror Magic - 200 Jewel
Requip Magic - 300 Jewel
Sound Magic
Sound Magic - 350 Jewel
Archive Magic
Archive Magic - 400 Jewel

Summoning Magic KeysEdit

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