Omicron Seal (蛇姫の鱗 lit. Lion's Mark) is a powerful legal Guild in Fiore and among their ranks includes the powerful Wizard Saint, Tekken or Omicron's Earth Shattering Wind.

Omicron Seal



Jiru Sanin


Legal Guild




Omicron Seal is situated in the Kingdom of Fiore in the centreal region of the country within Onibus. They own one of the largest buildings in the city second only to the train station.


Omicron Seal is one of the most powerful guilds in Fiore having notable Wizards such as Tekken and the Guild Master Jiru Sanin. They are known for handling most of the missions in Central to Western Fiore. They've also invented the art of Magic Blocking, where they block the physical network of Magical energy channeling through the body via ones magical container by striking certain points on the body with pinpoint accuracy.


Name Rank Team Status
Jiru SaninGuild MasterActive
Peak YalonVice-MasterActive
TekkenS-Class Wizard/Guild AceActive
StarWizardTeam StarActive
Sumi NawaWizardTeam StarActive
Ren AlguaWizardActive
Omicron Seal
Genrei Tekken Jiru Sumi Icon Star Icon
Tekken Jiru Sanin Sumi Nawa Star
Ren Algua Peak Yalon
Ren Algua Peak Yalon

Sub MembersEdit

Omicron Ninja

The attire of the Omicron sub-members

Omicron's sub-members, often described as hencmen or ninjas, are trained fighters in the art of Magic Blocking. They are normally the backup of more primary members of the guild.


  • Omicron is a star in the Leonis constellation.

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