Printed Magic Seals is a magical art that is used to strengthen a users magic by shortening the performance time and the amount of magic energy used.

Printed Seal Small
Printed Magic Seal



Printed Magic Seals is the use of any form of perminant imprintation of a magic seal in order to quickly use a type of magic with the use of magic energy that flows throughout the air. The seal is a printed form of a Magical Seal that collects magical energy from the time it was drawn to the time the magic was used and continues. Printed Seals can be tatooted to a users body in order to utilize some form of caster type magic without conjuring a magic seal through the use of their own magical energy. Though the user must charge the printed seal with their own magic energy in order to preform the magic, it is more like a jumpstart to allow the usage of magical energy stored within the seal. Some users print magic seals on items or removable clothing such as Shinn's arm bands that are used to quickly perform requip magic. Printed Seals are sometimes used for weaker Wizards who can't afford to waste strength conjuring a magic seal and draw magic seals on objects around them to perform magic.

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