RK6 more properly known as Rune Knight Core 6. A secret class of Rune Knight ranking that only the most exceptional Wizards and Warriors can attain. Even as a class only five or so Rune Knights have attained this class and formed a group as one with the same name (RK6).

Rk6 Preview
Rune Knights 6th Core

Rk6 logo


Nardé Luccio


Nardé Luccio
Raffael Camelo
Eon Thourn
Caria Aluar
Lupra Cane


Rune Knight Core


Rune Bastion

Overview Edit

RK6 is the most powerfull group within all of the hundreds of thousands of Rune Knights making up less then 5%. These are highly skille individuals who have formed a secret alliance within their class to become The Magic Councils most reliable yet most dangerous core.

They can be compared to S-Class Wizards for the Rune Knights as they only go on the toughest missions and always complete them without fail. Their identities are mainly kept a secret and they are sword to confidentiallity as they uphold the Rune Knights most sacred information.

RK6 out ranks all rune knights has they have many privlages including ordering Rune Knights with a superior rank and are even able to cast their own judgement that can mean disowebeying orders aslong it is in within "reason".


RK6 was compiled within the hundreds of years of the Rune Knight's formation as 5 or so members were gathered together to form RK6. It is said that some of their members started at a very young age and easily became more prominent members of the Rune Knights then those of any other class.

RK6 Members

RK6 is suspected to be the group that stopped the fighting in Amegan

RK6 is a secret so their mission files are kept from anyone outside the magic council keeping their missions a mystery. Though due to the sudden destruction cease of conflict during the war outbreak in Ameganon, whitness and the public spread rumors of this as a connection to one of RK6's missions as one of the Magic Council's secret teams.

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