Requip: Puppeteer

Caster (Requip Magic)


Xoris Zeal



Requip: Puppeteer is a style of Requip Magic used by Xoris Zeal.


This special requip magic allows the user to make the puppet they wish to use appear from the ground. When the user is done using the puppet the puppet will fade back away into the user's requip dimension. The puppets are able to be controlled by using strings made up out of magical energy making the puppet float without it hanging from anywhere. Xoris is the only user of this magic.

Current PuppetsEdit

Iron Shadow (Sand Attribute)Edit

Xoris' main puppet. This puppet can use iron sand to attack the opponent. The puppet also has hidden blades inside it's sleeve that can pop out. It also has magic seals on one part of it's arm.

Salamander (Fire Attribute)Edit

This puppet can breathe blast fire from it's mouth and use it's long body to knock opponent's back. It has a face on it's back that can pop up to knock opponent's off sending them flying forward.

Scorpion (Poison Attribute)Edit

This puppet has a face on it's back also, but it has a long tail that comes from the mouth of the face that has poison inside it. Everytime the opponent gets cut by it they gets poison injected inside them. The puppet also has a big cylinder wrist band on it's left arm that has thousands of needs inside it that can be released at amazing speeds. The face on the back serves as good defense.

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