Six Kings is a form of Magic that utilizes the full extent of Magic Force. There are Six techniques in this magic that utilize Magic Force to six different purpouses.

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Six Kings

Magic Force (Caster)






Six Kings is a known as the most powerful forms of Magic Force. Magic Force is restrained by what is known as the "Magic Wall" which requires all magic to be conducted into their respective Ethernano, so therefore pure magic energy clearly cannot do so unless conducted into solid objects. The Six Kings shatters the Magic Wall, dominating all ethernano particles with its own pure magic, able to conduct the Magic Force from anything, surpassing that of the Spiral Force technique.

The Six Kings techniques include using magic force to enhance one's own body to the entire area around them. Each technique of the Six Kings maintains the same properties of Magic Force, which would cause major damage to anything that did not have the users own Magic Power.

The Six Kings (Techniques)Edit

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