Surgent is the second largest city in central Fiore and is often reffered to as Surge City of the Lightning Valley.


Central Fiore


Surgent is a city that sits directly on a ocean fissure in Web Valley. It is set up on several stable rock pillars connected by bridges that all lie on the ocean floor. Thanks to its nearness to the ocean its climate is regulated by the constant mixing of hot and cold currents that create a sub tropical climate that makes the city comfortable to live in but also causes raging lightning storms that the city is famous for. These rampid lightning storms are controlled by the tallest tower in the city known as Raikiri or the Lightning Blade which is enchanted to harness this energy and keep it away from the mountains where the residents live. Because of this lightning magic is prominmant in Surgent and why Wizards and Warriors are the main population. The Magic Council has appointed one of the Saint Wizards, Thunder God Raido Raiden as the leader of this great city.


Citizens of Surge City


Locations in Surge City

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