Raikiri also known as the Lightning Blade is the tallest point in Surgent and the fortress that houses Thunder God Raido Raiden .




Raikiri is a large fortress suspended by Metal beams connected to civilized stone pillars. It is contained in three layers, the beams act as hollowfied bridges to enter the dome at the bottom of Raiki. Inside there is a large lobby that offers direction for the rest of the building. The next layer is the main fortress where several operators stay to maintain watch over the city and can view a vast area of land reaching over Web Valley. Above that is the forested top of Raikiri where the mansion and headquarters for the "Mayor" and his officials operate and live. Outside the headquarts two large towers stand high above the tree's and are connected to several wires that reach back to the pillars that suspend the metal beams. Lord Raiden himself has created these pillars to conduct the electricity and from the raging storms that occur oftem in Surgent and harness them for power for the city.

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