Surgent Samurai are a division of the Rune Knights assigned especially by Lord Raiden. They are the highly trained military peace keeping force for Lightning Valley and are led by their commander and ruler; Lord Raiden.

Surgent Samurai
Surgent Samurai

RK-3 Rune Knights Division




Samurai of Surge City are usually seen adorned in heavy plate-armour along with helmets and face masks that act like respirators designed intentionally to filter the harsh high elevation air in Surge City. Like Samurai they are armed with knives and katanas that are mounted onto their hip armor. However, the number of blades worn by a single warrior is also unusual, going as high as four, in spite of the fact that they have never been observed using more than two at a time in battle, which could probably mean they are kept as spares.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Samurai of Surge City are Rune Knights that have been assigned to an RK-3 level task force in Surgent City. They are highly trained and are comprized of RK-2 and RK-3 level knights. They are skilled in physical combat using their great strength, speed and even magic to combat enemies.

  • Master Swordsmanship Specialists: Samurai are highly trained and proficient in swordplay. They are trained in Kendo which is the two handed one sword style used to quickly over power the opponent with increased strength and great speed.
  • Enhanced Agility: Samurai are highly conditioned to have great speed, reflexes and flexibility in battle. They have a great sense of balance able to jump from place to place in a wide range and always land perfectly. These elements come together to perfect the Samurai's style of fighting.


Sword Magic :
Surgent Samurai

Surgent Samurai's Sword Magic

Sword Magic is the only magic used by Samurai. It is used to enhance their swords and use attacks to quickly overpower their enemies.
  • Magic Edge: A spell that allows the Samurai to funnel there magic energy into the blade covering it in a radiant physical energy.
  • Carving Flash: A spell used only when Magic Edge is being used, after charging their blade with their Magic Energy and covering it in physical energy the Samurai can slash and release this radiant energy in a crescent shapped wave.

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