Sword Magic is a holder magic that utilizes swords.

Sword Magic
Sword Magic

Holder Magic (Weapon)


Shinn Elbion




A Magic in which the user utilizes swords as the medium for various Magic and attacks. Many of such moves are shown capable of going past the physical reach of the blade employed in their use, threatening foes at short-to-mid range. Some Sword Magic techniques seem to involve the use of elements commonly found employed by elemental forms of Magic, such as Lightning Magic.

In addition a user's Magic Energy is shown to be frequently employed alongside it, in order for the user to enhance the blades cutting power by funneling both together. A number of different blades can be employed for such Magic, with the most recurring ones being longswords and katana. In some cases, certain moves might even involve the change of the sword's properties, such as its length.


Shinn's SpellsEdit

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