Tempost is a large city that resides on the dry flatland of Web Valley .


Central Fiore


Tempost is an relativley poor city and one of the only cities to lay on the dry flatlands instead of the subtropical valleys. It has no access to the ocean vapor clouds but instead is sweltered by the deserts dry air causing the city to weather away. Even so it is cheap resident so many people in Central Fiore reside there and their are ven said to be dark guilds within it due to its substancial crime rate.


Tempost was constantly dealing with Civil unrest during its development. Its uncivilized government and population constantly clased, eventually causing a civil war. The war was constantly put on hold due to several factors including the mercenary group; Tempost Pursuit. Eventually, the Rune Knights were unable to halt the event and pulled out. But the latest civil unrest was halted by a single individual.

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