Wizards are wielders of Magic, using their Magic Energy to cast spells and employ Magical objects and techniques. They are known for usually being affiliated to a Guild, where they can take on Jobs as a source of personal income and adventure; according to the Magic Council, Wizards can't be considered full-fledged until they join a Guild. There are manytypes of Wizards in the Kingdom of Fiore; Legal Wizards, Dark Wizards and Independent Wizards.

Types of WizardsEdit

Legal Wizards are are those who are a Licensed, part of official Guilds, take on legal jobs and usually heed the words of the Magic Council.

Dark Wizards are those who are not licensed and are apart of Dark Guilds. Guilds which are not acknowledged as such by the Magic Council, having either lost their rights due to crimes, or having never been affiliated with the Council in the first place. After being deprived of the Council's approval, Guilds are ordered to disband, and, if they do not abide to such order and keep functioning, are then categorized as Dark Guilds, becoming known to all intents and purposes as criminal organizations. In collective imagination, Dark Wizards usually have evil intentions, think little of others, putting their own desires first, and can be very cruel, if not downright insane. These Wizards are said to take illegal Jobs and are reputed as the main opposition and threat to official Guilds and to the Magic Council itself.

Independent Wizards are Wizards that don't belong to either Legal Guilds or Dark Guilds, instead being part of the so called Independent Guilds, Guilds which aren't acknowledged by the Magic Council nor are opposed by it, likely due to the Council itself being unaware of their existence. They can also be free roam or free agent Wizards who are not apart of a guild and can be licensed or not.

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