Zen Salvor is a member of the Edolas Royal Army. He was formally a partener and close friend of Kiva during his time in Edolas.

Zen Salvor

Captain Salvor








177.8 cm


70.76 kg

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Edolas 2 Edolas Royal Army


Knight of the Edolas Royal Army


Sho Vein

Previous Partner(s)


Personal Status



Magic Hammer: Haiki


Magic Hammer: Haiki

Physical AppearanceEdit

Zen Salvor Render

Zen is a well-built young man with fairly light skin. He has longish, bright red hair he tends to wear up in a bandana, and green eyes; he is constantly seen wearing an eyepatch over his right eye, and what lies underneath is currently unknown. He wears an orange scarf around his neck and the signature attire of an Edolas Royal Knight.


Zen is described by his allies as a slacker, due to his calm and laid back nature. He has a terrible problem with procrastonation and trys to slide his way through everything he does. He believes that almost everything that requires effort is a drag. Even so, he is still a very dedicated individual who possess great qualities of leadership. Zen is extremely honest and loyal, and although he will complain he will follow his orders to the letter.


Zen first appeared to intercept the Wizards from Earthland, he was only able to recruit two of the four, Aelin and Kaejin. He gained Aelin's trust and went to go retrieve the "X-pills" that would help her to gain her Earthland Magic back. While there he was intercepted by the Extremist Tsukas and two other Earthlanders. Zen clashed with Tsukas but was ultimately defeated and allowed Tsukas to get away with the X-Pills. 

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Master Combatant: As a Knight of the Royal Army, Captain Salvor is extremely well versed in combat. He is fluently dexterious in close to ranged combat while using his signature weapon; The Haiki. He is able to take out several minor opponents at once in a single attack. Most opponents fear his strength as even the strongest of opponents cannot take more then a direct hit from Zen's Hammer.

Enhanced Physical Conditioning: Although he only appears to be of average fitness, Zen is surprisingly at the peak of his own physical prowess. Zen is very strong, as proven with his weilding of Haiki, able to control it at its largest size with ease. He is also very fast, even moving quickly while using Haiki in great sizes. His body is also very durable, able to take agressive punishment.


Magic Hammer: Haiki: A Magical Hammer, capable of shifting it's size at will from the size of a neclace pendent to the size of a full scale tower building. Able to shift both its hilt size and hammerhead size respectivley, it provides a wide variety of attack combinations for Zen to manipulate. The Hammer also has the ability to use "Stamps" which use the Lacrima enchanted within to use different elemental spells with each stamp.

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